In Which I Lose My Mind...

Well, if not my mind, then certainly my identity.  Hi, I'm Kate.  I used to be a lawyer in a very large law firm.  Those of you who have been in similar situations understand the soul sucking, pressure cooker of a "life" (I use the term loosely) that implies.  About six months ago, I managed to break free of the golden handcuffs, and since then, in addition to trying to figure out what the hell to do with my life, I have been:  1.) sleeping soundly, without awakening daily from 4-5 am to fret in a cold sweat; 2.) astounded by the fact that, huh, I guess I don't actually have an ulcer after all; 3.) going whole weeks without panic attacks; 4.) trading my 4 pm daily cry at my desk for a cup of tea and Oprah; and 5.) driving my poor, sweet husband CRAZY with various home improvement ideas that I intend to do myself because a.) we are now living on one income and b.) I need something to fill my time, despite c.) that I utterly suck at the DIY.

A very busy and important friend of mine suggested* that I start a blog to chronicle the disasters that were sure to ensue.  I figured I had the time, so why not?  Here goes...

*Ahem, demanded


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