Hey there.  You.  I see you looking at me, oozing charm and intrigue.  I can't help but look your way and want to stop and chat a while, even though I am short on time.  Ohh, procrastination, my old friend -- you always know just how and when to sucker me in.

Today I am working on getting us ready to travel.  Mark does an annual Habitat for Humanity trip with his college friends and he leaves early tomorrow morning, then I'm heading out on Wednesday.  Essentially, I have to wash everything we own clothing-wise AND clean the house from top to bottom.  What better time to try to bang out a quick blog post, right?  HAAAAA.

In keeping with the To Do List theme, let's do this bullet-style:
  1. I am buried in laundry and house cleaning type things to do because I've kind of fallen off the Good Housekeeping wagon since summer started.  Hard.  Like, if my wagon were on the Oregon Trail, I would have died of dysentery by now.  Normally I try to follow the Fly Lady system.  Do you know the Fly Lady?  She developed a system based on routines that *should* make running a house a million times easier.  Here's the problem:  YOU HAVE TO STICK TO THE ROUTINES.  This is where I make my life a million times more difficult than it needs to be.  Siiiiiiigh.  However, the genius of the Fly Lady is that you never have to play catch up, as her routines rotate constantly and you will eventually cover all bases if you jump in and keep going.  Vacation is my jumping off point; if I bust my ass before I leave and then come home to a clean house, I can try to get on board again.  In theory, anyway...
  2. All of this time I'm spending in the laundry room has me obsessing about the laundry room reno.  Obsessing!  I keep imagining the space opened up with the doors out of the way, and a glossy countertop backed with some large framed photos.  I can see a big, glass jar of laundry soap with a pretty scoop, and either cabinets or some open shelves and pretty baskets.  What I can't figure out is how to incorporate it into the family room overall.  I'd love something light and bright in the laundry area, but if it's open to the Red Sox themed family room?  Challenging.
  3. I have to (shamefully) admit that I occasionally watch The View.  I know, I knoooow, but....  Actually, no, I have no excuse; I watch it.  Anyway, I had it on this morning, and they had on one of the mother/daughter duos from Toddlers & Tiaras.  I have never seen the show so I have no real context, and yes, Barbara Walters herself asked us not to judge them, but really?  It was GOD AWFUL.  Through no fault of her own, this poor child was dressed like a common whore, complete with pleather cfm boots, and had to parade around on stage performing this monotonous "rap" (I don't know how else to characterize it) called "Cutie Patootie" for which I have no words.  The whole thing was just so ... wrong; I felt like I needed a shower after it was over.  Granted, (and please note, I have no children, and I fully understand that what I am about to say will likely guarantee me precisely the type of daughters who will serve these very words to me on a silver platter (although they will play with Bratz dolls over my dead body)), I am of the anti-princess camp.  Not "princess" in the Disney sense (although, holy hell, has that industry exploded since I was a kid), but more in the "I'm a Princess" sense; the sense of entitlement implied there just really grates on my last nerve.  There was just something about this little girl that embodied -- to me -- everything that is wrong in our culture, that kids are being raised to emulate the Kardashians of the world rather than any number of the intelligent, talented, educated, honorable women out there who are using their lives for good.  I'm not expressing this well, but it's disheartening nonetheless.
  4. Yeah, I watch Oprah too.  Whatever, I've already admitted that I'm totally stir crazy.  Anyway, I have also been watching the Season 25 Behind the Scenes show on OWN, and strangely, I have become really concerned for all of the Harpo employees who are now out of jobs.  I'm most likely projecting, since I find major endings so traumatic (I hate graduations.  HATE.), but still, these people have busted their asses at jobs they seem to love, and now?  It's not like there's another Oprah Show they can go work for.  I'm sad for them.
  5. Can I tell you what a bad wife I am?  I am such a ridiculous micromanager when it comes to My Kitchen, but I still make Mark clean up after dinner.  Anyway, I was making dinner last night and I could not find my favorite 1/4 tsp measuring spoon anywhere.  I yelled down to Mark, all "WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MY MEASURING SPOON?" like he was using it to scoop Miracle Gro for his plants or something.*  I was completely convinced he had done something with my little spoon and blamed him, all night.  And then this morning, as I was cleaning coffee grounds out of the sink, I flicked on the garbage disposal and it hit me like a truck.  We had a pot luck dinner with my sister and her husband on Thursday night, and I had made her cupcakes for her birthday.  I was too rushed to clean up the kitchen before we left and too tired after we got home, so I did it on Friday.  The kitchen was a disaster -- baking dishes, mess from the salad and side dishes I brought over for dinner, serving pieces, etc., so I just jumped in and absently washed away, probably watching The (G-d) View as I went.  I filled the dishwasher and scrubbed the rest by hand, before scrubbing the sink and flicking on the garbage disposal.  I remember that the garbage disposal sounded weird, oddly sharp, causing me to recall the time I accidentally dropped a shot glass into the running disposal.  Anyway, I chalked the noise up to a drain full of potato peels and large romaine roots and chocolatey soaking water.  Now, though?  Despite the lack of evidence in the drain, I would bet money my beloved little 1/4 tsp bit it in the disposal.  I still haven't told Mark though.  See?  Bad wife.
Ok, I'll shut up now.  Gotta go switch the wash.  Again.  Ughhh.

*That is totally something he would do.


Kimmeh said...

I constantly blame Krasi - the really nice lady who comes and cleans for us whenever things go missing around here. Generally I am correct but the other day I was freaking out about a vase that was no where to be found... our house, as you know is TINY so there is literally NO WHERE for her to "hide" a vase... so I am CURSING her for breaking it and not telling me and trying to shove the bouquet of flowers into a too small vase* when I see a few dried lavender bits peaking up at me over the counter and remember... with a red face... that I had cut back all the lavender in the garden in the fall and shoved it into the big vase to dry it out... and the vase with all the dried lavender was still there. Not broken and hiding in plain sight.

*which actually ends up holding them in place and allows them to stay in the pretty little way that they were designed to be like - instead of the Kimmeh way which is basically a big mess.

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