Back when I was toiling away at Satan Lucifer & Baal, LLP, I maintained a slim (and rapidly fraying) tether on sanity by emailing my law school BFF pretty frequently. She, too, was beholden to The Man (her office actually had sleeping pods so that you didn't even have to bother leaving the office, which, there are NO WORDS for that level of insanity), so the crazy email chains were a great release. I really loved taking the absurdity of law firm life--and believe me, the absurdity was abundant (um, hello, SLEEPING PODS)--and playing with language to make it funny for her. It was this friend who insisted I start this here blog (hola, KLJ!). I had tried blogging previously, but was never really able to find my voice, mostly because I had been reading blogs forever (TWoP back in the days of Felicity was my blog gateway, you guys; am OLD), so everything sounded derivative and contrived to my ears. I'm still working on finding my voice (i.e. every time I write about a recipe, I am avoiding figuring out how to talk about whatever I am really thinking about), but this is all feeling much more like me.

That said, there are some bigger issues that I don't really talk about in my real life, so to speak, therefore I am struggling with how to talk about them here. I think it's worth the struggle, though, especially because I don't talk about them with my real life people, and because so many of you all have been so bravely forthright about your own issues. I am nothing if not a follower, folks. Anyway, this is me making myself accountable to follow up on The Big Stuff: panic/anxiety issues, baby issues, career/identity issues, etc. Debbie Downer, ahoy! I kid, I kid. (I hope.)

In the meantime, my mom is in town, so she, my sister, and I are headed out for a ladies' overnight trip. I'll catch you on the flip, wherein I promise to strap on a pair and really talk, just as me. Or at least to post some really kick ass recipes while I work up the courage.


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