What took me so long?!

Oh, it was kind of expensive. That, probably. Still, though, hear me out. I moved to DC in August of 2001, and I have been flying regularly since then. I am an appallingly bad traveler; air travel freaks me out, I hate packing and unpacking, I hate that last minute list of things you need to use right before you leave the house and therefore can't pack until the literal last minute. Generally it's not a big deal when I forget things; there is almost always a CVS nearby, and who am I kidding -- half the time I'm just going to my parents' or inlaws' house.

However, work trips break my spirit. Business clothes, heels, the dread of forgetting something vital because you actually have to look professional and presentable, needing to pack in a roll-aboard -- it stinks. But I have fiiiiinally come up with A System! Note: My system is absolutely not novel in any way; I just threw money at the problem and bought dedicated travel duplicates of all the stuff I need. It's amazing -- I left last night, but I packed ON SATURDAY. This has never happened before. EVER. Look at this:

Clothes neatly seatbelted in! Shoes and toiletries zipped in on the other side!

Hairbrushes, comb, and clips zip into that little bag and the dryer folds right up!
Miscellaneous personal items on the left, baggie o' liquids and makeup on the right!
I hate this stupid 3-1-1 rule. HATE.
New makeup! Powder, blush, and liner/shadow-in-one, plus mini brushes I forgot I had! I still have my eye on the Sephora Rose Gold set, though. One of these days...

So far, so good. I zipped through the airport with no problem at all, and I had everything I needed getting ready this morning. The real test will be tomorrow morning when I actually have to dry freshly washed hair rather than just smoothing and neatening day old hair. (The degree to which my hair believes itself to be a very special snowflake is outrageous; I'm nervous about whether it will accept the new brushes and dryer.) If I actually get home tomorrow and unpack right away? Mark may even come around on The System, regardless of the shameful Ulta price tag.


Renee from GA said...

I am in awe of anyone who can successfully live out of a carryon! What a neat packing job. I just got home from a 10 day international trip and my idea of success was never having to sit on the suitcase to close it or needing the "expander" zipper :)

Kate said...

OMG, that absolutely is a complete success! That suitcase up there? That was a two-nighter for a trip with only work obligations. I am normally a legendary overpacker, which is why I was so undeservingly pleased with myself. :)

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