This Week in Photos, Part II

Well, I am (mostly) keeping up with the Photo A Day challenge this time! I have had two days posted a day late, but still. Posted! Here's Week 2 in a nutshell:

Day 6: you
This was one hell of a lazy Sunday, so me + laptop + recliner + tv was about as real as it was going to get. Plus, there was no way I was going to post a photo of my unwashed head. Nuh uh, not happening. No one needs to see that. (You're welcome.)
Day 7: someone that inspires you
These spectacular knuckle dimples here? They belong to my "nephew", the one little dude on the planet who actually makes me think I might enjoy being a mother one day, if I'm ever so lucky. I love the stuffing out of this guy.
 Day 8: a smell you adore
I love this stuff. LOVE. This bottle is on my front hall table, so it's the first thing you smell when you come into the house. I have another one upstairs too. I also have candles, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, vacuum cleaner beads, sachets, lotion, etc. Basically, if they sell it in this scent, I'll probably buy it. It's clean, fresh, and delicious, without being overpowering. LOVE.
Day 9: something you do every day
This was my first day late post, mostly because I couldn't think of one (photographable) thing I do absolutely every single day until well after coffee time. This is likely because I am incapable of coherent thought until after coffee time. Anyway, yes: morning latte is a must for me. I used to be a Starbucks junkie, then I started drinking drip coffee at home. Turns out I am ancient and the acid in drip coffee kills my stomach. I much prefer it balanced by the milk in the yummy, yummy latte. Bonus: this little machine here was only about $150 on Amazon and does a fantastic job.
Day 10: a favorite word
This was a tough one; I don't necessarily have favorite words. I am more into how words play together, I guess. However, Mark and I saw this photo on a Red Sox email blast and loved it so much that we tracked down the image from the photographer. Now it's just sitting on the dining room table waiting to be framed. Pretty cool shot, yes? (Um, the original, not mine, obvs.)
Day 11: kitchen
Mark has been working CRAY-ZAY hours lately, but the bonus has been that he has been able to take some random afternoons off to enjoy the amazing weather we've been having. Last Friday, we ran through Whole Foods throwing delicious looking things into our basket. We sorted them into our picnic basket out in the car, then headed for my favorite park along the river banks. We spread out a blanket and our snacks, cracked open a nice bottle of (super illegal! hello, park service!) wine, and enjoyed the sun and the beautiful breezes in our little mobile kitchen. Perfect day.
Day 12: something that makes you happy
Sooo, you know how, when you were a kid, you used to swear to yourself as you gagged down lima beans that when YOU were an adult, you would eat ice cream for dinner? Well, on Saturday, we totally exercised our rights as adults. We had been running around all day and stupidly ate our remaining picnic snacks when we got home. We weren't hungry enough to bother with dinner, but hungry enough that we needed a little something. Perfect solution? Ice cream! And this Haagen-Dazs is AMAZING. It tastes like Jello Pudding Pops, but like, the richest, most delicious Jello Pudding Pops ever.
That's it! Week two was a good one 'round these parts.


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